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It is natural to be eager to see the final outcome of your rhinoplasty (nose job) procedure. But for that, you need to wait until you heal completely. Is your recovery span is being prolonged? No need to worry! Give this blog a thorough read since the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Kolkata is going to reveal 4 expert tips so that you can speed up your rhinoplasty recovery time. So, let’s just check out what is there inside the blog!

1. Listen To Your Doctor’s Instructions:

Going as per your personal preferences, and not listening to your doctor will never help you heal at the right time. So, do not stop listening to your doctor’s expert advice just because the surgery is done. In fact, you should be more attentive to your rhinoplasty surgeon’s guidelines during the postoperative time period. The right medications prescribed by your doctor will boost your recovery. However, you might have to visit your surgeon for some post-operative follow-ups and examinations.

2. Apply A Cold Compress:

Postoperative swelling and bruising are pretty common when a person undergoes rhinoplasty or nose job. So, to reduce the effects of such post-operative complications, you can use a cold compress with your surgeon’s approval. However, according to the best doctor for plastic surgery in Kolkata, in the very first 72 hours after rhinoplasty, gently applying a cold compress reduces the chances and severity of swelling and bruising effectively.

3. Get Adequate Sleep:

We understand that right after undergoing rhinoplasty, you may find it difficult to fall asleep. But did you know that a minimum of seven to eight hours of sound sleep is necessary to recover from postoperative bodily discomforts? Getting enough sleep prepares your body to combat sickness. It is a vital part of your entire recovery process. The more you take rest and get adequate sleep, the more quickly you heal from your rhinoplasty surgery. But note that, you must be careful while sleeping as you need to keep your head elevated. Sleeping on the side of your surgery will not only make you uncomfortable but also can displace your nose.

4. Avoid Blowing Your Nose:

After your nose job, you might feel nasal congestion. But do not blow your nose to be comfortable. It can lead you opposite. Therefore, try to resist this urge and resume blowing your nose only when your surgeon permits after checking the condition of your nose.

However, to conclude, we must say that the recovery from rhinoplasty is different from one individual to another. So, to learn about your own post-operative complications and remedies, consult with an experienced cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata.

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