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Did you know that one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the world today is Rhinoplasty? In India, over 200,000 Rhinoplasty procedures are performed each year. However, before undergoing Rhinoplasty, it is essential to understand the Rhinoplasty eligibility criteria. Why is it so important? It is vital because not everyone is qualified to undergo a Rhinoplasty. There are several factors to determine an appropriate candidate for a nose job. The best rhinoplasty surgeon in Kolkata consults thoroughly with the patient, goes through his or her past medical history, and then, conducts several medical tests before concluding if the person is qualified for Rhinoplasty or not!


According to most cosmetic surgeons in Kolkata, the best approach is to wait until someone turns 18 when the anatomic development of the nose is substantially completed. Also, note that there is no upper age limit for undergoing rhinoplasty. In the cases of some major deformities, boys can have rhinoplasty at least at the age of 15-16 and girls when they turn 16-17. If the overall health status permits, rhinoplasty can be performed on elderly people also.


Rhinoplasty can be performed on people who do not have any pre-existing critical health diseases like cardiac problems, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar or diabetes. Besides, people with chronic health diseases that are not well regulated by a healthcare professional, and people with active infections, are not at all eligible to undergo a nose job or rhinoplasty surgery. So, it is important to review all your existing health reports with the cosmetic surgeon whom you have chosen for your rhinoplasty procedure in Kolkata.


Note that rhinoplasty can change your outer appearance and boost your self-confidence. So, before undergoing a nose job, once again you must think of your expectations and talk to your surgeon about that. The best doctor for plastic surgery in Kolkata opines that the most eligible person to undergo rhinoplasty is one who is looking forward to improving his or her nasal appearance, and not one who is looking for perfection with unrealistic expectations.

Want to know more? Then, why are you delaying? Consult the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Kolkata for more detailed information about rhinoplasty and its surgical outcomes.

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