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Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that refers to the reshaping of the outer ears. The motto of undergoing this may be to correct an imperfection or to improve the look or appearance. Generally, a person who has any damage to the ears or was born with a congenital anomaly in his or her ears may choose to undergo this treatment. This is a procedure to build up or repair the damage to the outer ears. Read ahead this blog penned by the best doctor for plastic surgery in Kolkata and know what to expect from Otoplasty, its possible complications, and recovery time.

Why should a person undergo Otoplasty?

Undergoing this treatment is not always necessary. Some irregularities can be resolved without intervention. However, a suitable time to have an otoplasty is when a kid is 5 to 6 years old and when their ears’ growth is complete. This is the earliest recommended age for it. Apart from that, a person can undergo Otoplasty at any age after this.

Our ears are usually around two centimeters from the side of the head. So, having ears more prominent than this can be bothersome in many conditions. To get rid of this problem and to improve the appearance of the ears, people tend to undergo Otoplasty.

What are the possible complications of Otoplasty?

Some complications that arise with Otoplasty include –

How long does it take to recover once Otoplasty is done?

The recovery process will depend to some extent on the health of a person who undergoes Otoplasty. However, after surgery, doctors apply a dressing over the ears of the patient and the dressing remains in the same place for several days although the doctor may temporarily remove it the day after the surgical process to check for a hematoma or any other post-operative complications. Once the dressing gets removed permanently, a patient may need to wear a protective headband over the ears, especially at night. This can prevent the ears from being pulled forward while sleeping.

There remains certain soreness in the ears for a few days and numbness for a week. After two weeks of the surgery, with the approval of the best plastic surgeon in Kolkata, a patient can return to a normal lifestyle again.

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