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Are you looking to reconstruct your ears? Then you have come to the right place. Also known as otoplasty, cosmetic ear surgery is done to change the shape, size, and position of the ears. There are various reasons why someone might want to have this surgery. But before you opt for ear reconstruction surgery, you need to know everything related to it.

Reasons you might consider going for ear construction surgery

An ear reconstruction surgery is done on both ears to make them look symmetrical. This surgery won’t change the location of your ears or change the ability to hear. But there could be some risks involved that you need to look out for.


There are some common risks that include the risk of bleeding, reaction to anaesthesia during the surgery and even infection. Other risks are:


A common risk but one where it won’t affect you much as your scars will normally be hidden behind your ears or within the creases of your ears.

Asymmetry in ear placement

If there are changes during the healing process, this problem can arise. Further surgery might not help and sometimes an ear reconstruction surgery might not be able to correct the asymmetry if it is pre-existing.

Changes in skin sensation

There could be some changes in skin sensation in the surgical area. But this is usually temporary.

Allergic reaction

You might have some kind of allergic reaction to the materials used for the surgery.

After the surgery is performed, your ears will be covered in bandages to provide support and protection. You will also feel discomfort and itching after a few days of the surgery. You might have to take pain medication if it is recommended by your doctor. Once you are discharged from the hospital, make sure you don’t sleep on your side. Wear loose-fitting clothes to avoid them from touching your ears while you dress up. The bandages are removed normally after your ears have healed. But you might notice some swelling and redness. Stitches will dissolve on their own. But don’t miss out on your regular appointment unless your doctor says you are completely healed from the ear reconstruction surgery.

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