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Facial cosmetic surgery can be a lot of things. Anything on your face that requires reconstruction can be considered as facial cosmetic surgery. A cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata will judge themselves how much your face will require reshaping. But that can include different types of surgery for different types of facial structures. Read on to find out the different types of facial cosmetic surgery there are.


Also known as eyelid surgery to reshape the eyelids. When the skin becomes lax, eyelids might droop or there could be hooding of the upper lids and bags on the lower lids. This surgery helps to make the skin tight by removing the excess skin and reinforcing the surrounding muscles and tendons. This can change the overall look of your face and tighten the skin.


A common surgery among the models and actresses is a nose job where the cosmetic surgeon reshapes the patient’s nose to improve the appearance. Sometimes this surgery is required to improve the breathing of a person or if a person’s nose has been broken due to some fatal injury. It is performed with small incisions that remain well hidden and the tip is reshaped or the bony hump is reduced in the upper nose. But it is not recommended to have this surgery before a person turns 15.


Ear surgery might also be performed for the same reason as a nose job. Misshapen ears due to birth defects or an injury can require ear reconstruction surgery. Often it is performed on children from 5-6 years of age as this is the age when the ears reach adult size. This surgery is mostly performed by pinning the ear closer to the head with sutures, reshaping the cartilage.


Also known as a facelift, this surgery removes wrinkles and helps in tightening the facial skin to make a person look more youthful. Normally, the incision is placed in front and behind the ears. It also extends into the hairline in the temple area. The excess skin is removed and the facial skin gets tightened.


Lastly, this is the surgery for a brow lift or forehead lift to remove the signs of aging. It raises drooping eyebrows and removes the wrinkle on the forehead. It is often done simultaneously with a facelift to give a better look at your facial structures.

Therefore, you can get any one of the surgeries from a cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata if required to perfect your facial structures.

DIFFERENT TYPES OF FACIAL COSMETIC SURGERY from Plastic and hand surgery clinic

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