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As the name itself suggests, breast reconstruction surgery is all about reconstructing the shape of the breasts of women to restore the outer appearance of breasts. It is a highly popular plastic procedure that a majority of women who are unhappy with the appearance of their breasts are opting for. However, as with any other plastic and cosmetic procedures, breast reconstruction surgery also has some sorts of side effects that a patient may experience during her recovery period. Therefore, it is way more important to be fully aware of the possible side effects before undergoing breast reconstruction surgery. So, let one of the best breast reconstruction surgeons in Kolkata pen down the common side effects of breast reconstruction surgery.

1. Pain and physical discomfort:

Experiencing pain and physical discomforts are some of the expected side effects of breast reconstruction surgery. The pain usually lasts for a few weeks after surgery and due to this pain, a patient faces bodily discomfort after breast reconstruction surgery. However, with the passage of time in the recovery period, both the pain and the physical discomfort will fade away on their own.

2. Swelling:

Breast reconstruction is not just a mere surgical procedure. Rather, it is quite an extensive plastic procedure performed by expert breast reconstruction surgeons in Kolkata. Therefore, mild to severe swelling is also a common reaction following breast reconstruction surgery. Depending on the severity, swelling may take months to heal completely. However, applying ice packs to the swelling can help reduce the inflammation and heal faster.

3. A sense of numbness or tingling:

Right after breast reconstruction surgery, the skin around the breast portions may have a sense of numbness or constant tingling. This occurs as cutting the required tissues during surgery may sometimes damage the nerves around that area. As a result, it may either become temporarily numb or may have tingling. This side effect should also resolve in a few days after surgery. If it turns out to be permanent, it needs urgent medical assistance.

4. Infections:

Getting the surgical area infected is quite a rare incidence in breast reconstruction surgery. But it does happen in some cases. To avoid this issue, the surgical area should be properly cleaned and maintained as per the surgeon’s instructions. Changing bandages and keeping the area dry is mandatory to avoid post-operative infections.

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