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The season of bounteous rains to be welcomed with open hearts is finally here. Since India is mainly known as a country of high temperature, people all around the country desperately wait for the rainy season to come with an abundance of joy. Monsoon brings the ultimate relief after the scorching heat of summer. But along with this, we must remember that this season brings a plethora of allergies and infections to our skin. Therefore, in today’s blog, the most recommended cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata shares some important tips to protect the skin and keep it clear and glowing during the entire rainy season.

Exfoliate your skin

Remember that the rainy season is the time when your skin requires the best possible pampering. Hence, an exfoliation at least once every week will help you to keep the dead cells of your skin away, consequently helping you to keep your skin flawless and soft.

Do not skip applying sunscreen

Did you know that just like a moisturizer, sunscreen is an essential cosmetic product whose benefits are strictly associated with summer? However, during the rainy season, even though the rays of the sun may not seem harsh and intolerable, they can as well damage your skin. Henceforth, applying sunscreen should be something you must not miss whenever you go outside.

Eat greens

Who said that only expensive cosmetic products are able to protect your skin during monsoon? The health of your skin largely depends on what you eat a day. For instance, eating oily and junk products will definitely show its marks on your skin sooner than later. Therefore, the healthiest trick to staying away from such ill effects is to immensely indulge in green vegetables. You will assuredly get to see the result on your skin soon.

Drink plenty of water

Ask a celebrity or a public figure of recent days about the secret behind his or her flawless glowing skin, and the first thing he or she is going to recommend is drinking an adequate amount of water every day. Drinking a sufficient amount of water has plenty of advantages when it comes to taking care of the skin, health, and hair as well.

For more such monsoon skin care tips, consult a renowned cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata and get expert guidance to get rid of rainy seasonal skin issues.

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