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Globally, facelift surgery has been so popular that we hardly get to see a celebrity who has not yet had facelift surgery to enhance beauty and youth. However, in spite of its worldwide popularity, the best plastic surgeon in Kolkata finds that facelift is such a plastic procedure that has been surrounded by numerous myths or misconceptions. Therefore, being part of the best cosmetic clinic in Kolkata, we would like to take the opportunity to debunk the 5 most notorious myths about facelift surgery in Kolkata.

Facelift Surgery

5 Myths about Facelift Surgery

1. Myth: Facelifts Are Only for Older People


It is noteworthy that facelifts can benefit individuals of various age groups who have sagging skin and signs of aging. While it is more common in older individuals, younger patients may also seek facelifts for various reasons, such as genetic predisposition, early aging signs, or for enhancing facial aesthetics.

2. Myth: Facelifts Are the Same for Everyone


Facelifts are highly customizable procedures. A cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata can tailor the surgery to each patient’s unique facial structure, concerns, and goals. Besides, there are different techniques and variations of facelifts to address specific issues of facial features.

3. Myth: Facelifts Leave Noticeable Scars


While facelifts do involve incisions, experienced surgeons make incisions strategically, often in inconspicuous areas like behind the ear or along the hairline. However, with the passage of time, these scars typically fade and become less visible.

4. Myth: Facelifts Make You Look Unnatural


It is important to note that the goal of a well-performed facelift surgery in Kolkata is to provide natural-looking surgical outcome. An experienced plastic surgeon mainly focuses on rejuvenating the face while maintaining the patient’s unique features. Overly tight or unnatural results are usually the outcome of poorly executed procedures.

5. Myth: Facelifts Are Permanent


Your cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata will certainly inform you that facelifts can often turn back the clock, but they cannot stop the aging process altogether. As time passes, new signs of aging may develop on your face, but the results of a facelift can still last for many years. Proper maintenance and required skincare can help prolong the results of a facelift.

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