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Stretch Mark

Stretch marks occur when your body shape starts to change due to drastic physical growth or weight gain. However, stretch marks are not the signs that indicate that there is something wrong with your physical health. Obese people are more prone to develop stretch marks on their bodies. Pregnancy and puberty are the two most common timing of developing stretch marks on the body. However, nowadays, people are open-minded and they do not consider having stretch marks to be a shame or stigma. This is why many people have sportingly accepted the fact that they have developed stretch marks over time which is very normal. But those who do not like having stretch marks on their bodies may opt for the following ways to minimize the marks. Dr. Anupam Golash, a reputed skin tightening surgeon in Kolkata reveals 3 home remedies and 3 medical treatments for reducing stretch marks. So, read on!

Home remedies

1. Apply aloe vera:

The jelly that is extracted from the aloe vera leaves is very much effective to smooth and moisturize the skin. However, a regular application of aloe vera gel might help in preventing or fading existing stretch marks, although it takes time.

2. Apply coconut oil:

Massaging your skin with the help of virgin coconut oil is helpful to reduce prominent stretch marks. Coconut oil is also highly known because of its capabilities to improve dry skin and skin infections. However, if anyone is allergic to coconut oil, he or she might avoid this remedy for reducing stretch marks.

3. Scrub with sugar:

Sugar is a good natural exfoliator. Scrubbing gently with the sugar crystals on your stretch marks makes your skin smoother and tender. Practicing this process of exfoliating your skin might help you get rid of stretch marks someday.

Medical treatments

1. Laser therapy:

Laser therapy is when a focus light is pointed to the skin. In order to get rid of stretch marks completely, a person has to go through several sittings of laser therapy conducted by professionals.

2. Chemical peel:

It is a process that involves the application of glycolic acid to the skin. It helps to make stretch marks look smaller than before and gradually fade away after some days.

3. Cosmetic surgery:

If all other options turn out to be unsuccessful to remove stretch marks, cosmetic surgery is an effective option. It is more expensive than the other options stated above but at the same time, it is the most effective option ever. So, consult the best cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata and discuss every snippet about it.

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